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How does this work?

Simply pick a postcard and include the recipient's address when ordering. In 3-5 days after your order is placed, the recipient will be embarrassed to find the postcard in their mailbox. The cards can be completely anonymous or we can list you as the sender.

Who should I send this to?

  • Friends 
  • Relatives
  • Co-workers / Bosses
  • Exes
  • In-laws
  • Dirty roommates
  • Annoying neighbors
  • Anyone whose address you have in your possession

Is this anonymous?

Yes! The postcards are completely anonymous, unless you specify in your order to include you as the sender.

Are these shipped in an envelope?

They are not as these are just regular postcards with the address written on the back. That is the best part as everybody (mailman, receptionist, other family members, etc.) will see this as it gets to the recipient of your choice! 

Should I write a personal message?

This is up to you! Write your message on the 'Add a note for the seller' section during checkout. Hate, harassment, threats, or attacks of any kind are not allowed. Leaving it blank and anonymous is the most popular option.

What if I accidentally input the wrong mailing address?

Please email us immediately at postcardprankster@gmail.com. We typically process the order within 24 hours, but if the order has not been shipped, we will be able to change the address. 

Make sure to include your name, order number, and the correct mailing address in your email to us.

If the order has already been mailed, we will not be able to stop the shipment or provide you with a refund.

When will my order arrive?

Orders are processed within 24 hours and typically takes 3 to 5 business days to arrive within the United States. International shipping will vary. Postcards do not include any tracking.

I changed my mind about pranking, may I have a refund?

Unfortunately, we are not able to refund any orders once they are placed. We are able to cancel the order without a refund if you really feel bad about sending this prank. Just send us an email at postcardprankster@gmail.com right away and we will cancel if it has not been shipped yet. 

Do you have a question that is not listed or a suggestion for a postcards? Email us at PostcardPrankster@gmail.com